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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Step one

Before I start blogging about our trip to Vietnam, I feel like I need to explain a major part if Vietnamese life. It is the first step in understanding part of their culture and daily life (and no I'm not talking about the communist government, though that is probably step two).

The motorcycle.

The motorcycle has seemingly taken over country, much like excessively big SUVs have taken over the US. They are like an infectious disease, spreading swiftly through the big cities and out to the furthest corners of the rural countryside. We heard more than once from various tour guides "No Honda, no honey".

Not only is it somewhat of a status symbol, it's a crucial mode of transportation. Increasing numbers of rural people are now going to the cities for jobs, to work in tourism or in factories. Motorcycles provide quick and cheap method of transportation for the longer commute.

And hey - they carry a lot more than you think.

Who needs an SUV anyway?


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