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Sunday, April 17, 2011

One thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine

1,789 = total number of photos taken on our Vietnam honeymoon.

I think there are another 50 or so lost out there in memory card land...we are missing photos from a whole afternoon - but 1,789 is fine for now.

Seven flights, four books, a dozen and a half bug bites, and fifteen days later - our honeymoon is officially over. was it you ask?

In a word - Incredible

Yeah thats right, with a capital I.

If there is one place that you should go and see NOW, it's Vietnam.  There is so much development going on in the whole country, in another 2-5 years its going to become like any other tropical vacation destination - completely sterile. And we were late to the party - thousands of people have been visiting Vietnam for decades now, and selfishly they kept the best kept secret to themselves.

We saw so many different parts of the country, so many different ways of life -its hard to sum up in a few words.

What was so incredible?

The people (especially the kids)

The land

The food

It's like, drop-everything-quit-your-job-sell-your-house-move-to-Vietnam-life-changing Incredible.

Dont' worry - we didn't do that.


I have SO much to share with you guys, I'm going to try and break it down in to bite size pieces though - otherwise you might be stuck reading a novel. I'm also going to try and put things in chronological order...though I can't make any promises.


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