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Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hello lovelies!

Thank G it was a short week this week. Recovering from a long weekend getaway is always tough...don't you feel bad for me?

This week was ushered in with bright sunshine and summer weather in the south of France and is exiting out the back with crisp fall temperatures (never mind that its been like that since July) and the start of a new month. A fall month at that. I have been whining for WEEKS about the cool temperatures, crisp chill in the air and having to wear pants and sweaters. Now, to my own defense the reason why I was complaining is because it was supposed to be summer. But now...ooohhh now - it's fall. So - bring on the cold weather, the cozy sweaters, hot apple cider and all things pumpkin. Come and get me fall - I've been practicing for two months!

(unless, of course, by some freak of nature we end up with a gloriously sunny and HOT weekend. Then - screw you fall! I'm breakin' out my flippy floppies and flippin' you the bird!)

(by which I have just officially scared off any chance of summer returning to London)

(you're welcome)

On to this weeks favorites! Chock full of randomness this week...enjoy!

*Weird Wedding Photos
Words cannot express how happy these two wedding photo collections make me. Amen for people taking wedding photos a little less seriously and a little more FUN! I'm not even going to put a teaser photo of them because they are too awesome, you have to look at all of them at the same time. Even if you don't like weddings AT ALL you at least have to check out the first one...I mean really, who can resist zombies?!

In my effort to embrace fall my eyes have been gravitating towards fun, cozy ways to keep warm this season. Always in need of a new jacket I can't help but think that this is the year I finally buy a cape (or poncho, whatever you want to call it). These have been on my radar for a few years now (and in stores all along the high street for ages), but as usual I am late to the party. Though I have to say, if you manage to get yourself a well made, classic piece it is bound to last you for decades. Enter - Burberry. Because really, who does a cape better than Burberry? No one.

Burberry Britt from Net-a-porter
A few more of my faves...
Aubin & Wills from Net-a-porter

Jumpjack Twill Poncho from French Connection

***The 25 Best Ice Cream Shops in the US - by Food & Wine
I am not kidding when I say this - I would base a whole cross country road trip around this list. Watch me, I dare you! Summer - Fall - Spring - Winter - whatever the season I am always down for ice cream! This list is seriously drool-worthy...have a napkin near by before jumping in!

25 Best - does your favorite make the cut?
A wine map of France a la London tube? Genius! I might need to buy one to frame and one to take with me on trips to France!

photo from de long wine


  1. That's it! Next time you come to NYC we're taking a little trip to Lula's Sweet Apothecary--the most darling 50's style ice cream shop. Drooling already. Thanks for sharing the other cross-country-trekk worthy stops!

    + Eating ice cream wrapped in a cape = heaven!

  2. @Jennifer Barckley Yes - please take me there! Where is it?? I have to say, sitting on a park bench wrapped in my cape and eating ice cream on a cool fall day in NYC pretty much sounds like heaven on earth!