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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Friday Favorites and Project 52 - the lost weeks

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my Project 52 recaps. Actually, I have been neglecting Project 52 as a whole. It's not that I've been doing it on purpose! I just...I just...

I just got lazy.

There, I said it.


I am a Taurus after all - what did you expect?!

Before I recap Project 52: the lost weeks how about time for Friday Favorites??

*DIY Tote Bag by Renske Solkesz via Design Sponge

image from Design Sponge
Although I would much rather have someone else make this bag for me (anyone? anyone?) this bag is so perfect its tempting to bust out my sewing machine and do it myself! Except that I left my sewing machine at my parents house. In New York. In the United States...

**Wet nail polish? Not anymore!

monkey nail drier
I mean....seriously.


I'm half horrified and half OBSESSED. He's so cute! And I really do always mess up my nails before they dry...

Me too, my friend. Me too.

And now...the moment you have ALL been waiting for!!

(pretend, ok?)

Project 52: the lost weeks

Week 30 - A letter of the alphabet
Ok, so there's more than one letter...

Week 31 - Sky
Hi Sky dog!

Week 32 - My favorite time of day...
Whenever the sun comes out!

Week 33 - Slow down and look back

Week 34 - Connections
Umm....yeah I don't know what happened here

Week 35 - Lazy
Yes, yes I am

Week 36 - Thirst for knowledge photography. The Traveling Cupcake.


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