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Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday Favorites

In case you were not aware, I spend way too much time on the internet. Like, way too much time. Often times everything that I read and watch and listen to leaves me so inspired and excited and...exhausted! My poor MacBook and iPhone really have their work cut out for them.  So, I've decided to start a new series - Friday Favorites. It'll be a collections of my (favorite) things from the week - mostly from the internet, some from real life.

So, let's begin, shall we?

*Move by Rick Mereki
I found this video on Twitter via Conde Nast Traveler. If this doesn't inspire you to get off the couch and travel, I don't know what will! Every time I think that I have seen enough - I have traveled enough, I have been to enough places, I am tired and I just want to go home, things like this make me take it all back. Actually, it makes me want to pack a backpack and run as fast as I can to Heathrow and catch the next flight out to anywhere (ok, we are we kidding, I wouldn't run I would take the train), and start another adventure.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo

**This wedding video  by Paperback Weddings 
Ok, so the first two items of the very first Friday Favorites just happen to both be videos, what can I say? But seriously, you need to watch this video too. I bet you can't just watch the first 60 seconds. I found this video from Erin over at Apartment 34 (check out her blog too, its seriously kick-ass). As you know I am a big time lover of all things wedding. And I have inherited my mothers tendency to cry at tissue commercials (thanks a lot, mom!). But seriously, bring tissues for this one. Actually, the part about this video and this wedding that pulls at my heart strings isn't even so much the actual's the story of this amazing couple that I don't even know one tiny little bit, and how you can see their love in every frame of this video.

nick+maria • england wedding from Paperback Weddings on Vimeo

***This amazing sweater-scarf-wrap-thing from Hermes.
My office is located in Mayfair, which is full of corporate offices (like mine), hedge funds, glamorous hotels (like Claridges), high end restaurants, flashy cars and luxury retailers galore. The most expensive street of them all is Bond Street, which I recently heard is the most expensive strip of real estate in Europe (even beating out the Champs-Elysees in Paris - Wiki heard it too!). Fortunately (and unfortunately) for me that means LOTS of eye candy staring me right in the face every day (except for when it rains, then I don't venture outside, I might melt). I have passed the Hermes store quite a few times this week and stop and stare at this window every time. It's like some sort of a bathrobe/scarf/wrap/blanket thing that I am pretty sure must be made of bear hugs and fairy kisses and it makes me want to crawl up inside of it and never get out.

How about you? Have you found something wickedly awesome on the internets this week? Share with me!

(Because, clearly, I need more distractions!)

Happy Friday everyone!


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