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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hello friends!

I think this week has been better than last, don't you agree? The sun is actually shining today, there weren't any riots this week and I am one week closer to a long bank holiday weekend. Win-win, am I right?

*Ok, I know I lead with shoes last week, but seriously?

found in Pinterest via prettyfrenemy

How could I not?!

And now, I need your help. Where on earth do I buy these shoes?! Ok, I'll stop with the ?! But for reals, I need help. I searched the original site, Pretty Frenemy, and found that they posted it from another blog. And that blog didn't have an original link. I tried reverse searching, image searching, typing-every-descriptive-word-into-the-google-search-bar sarching - and nothing! C'mon people, help a girl out. Where can I find these gorgeous things?! (sorry, one last ?! for good measure)

Get a quick lesson on pretty much anything you want to know about photography! From camera and photography basics to lighting to lenses to different subjects (macro, travel, architecture) this round up has it all! Just be sure to set a timer before you jump in - you could spend all day on there!

Ok, so this I didn't find on the internet but I have been obsessing over it ever since I found it a few weeks ago. I happen to find it while I was grabbing lunch one day in a deli that I don't normally go to. I think it was fate. Besides being the most delicious yogurt I have ever had, it comes in these little terra cotta pots! I really am obsessed with this yogurt. Its from France and I can only find it at this one deli. Its creamy and smooth and incredibly light in texture and in taste. Plus, think of all the amazing this you can do with these precious little pots.

You could make molten lava cake in them!

You could make homemade candles in them!

You could use them to store stuff in - like pencils or paperclips or q-tips!

You could fill them with pretty flowers and bunch together on a table...see? The possibilities really are endless.

Happy weekend everybody!


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