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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Pack it up, Pack it in

Brian is so sick of hearing that. What? It's not annoying to sing the same two lines from a rap song over and over and over every time I start packing up a new box. It's not - I swear!
That's right folks, we're moving! Much to our dismay, we have to pack up our stuff and move out of our lovely apartment at the end of this week. The bad news - packing is a pain in the ass. The good news - our new flat is AWESOME. Right now I only have a few pictures of the new apartment with all of the previous tenants stuff in it, which would be weird to post on this blog. So once we get all settled in I'll be sending pics of our new home!
Our internet is supposed to be installed the same day that we move into the new place - but lets be real, the odds of that happening are about the same as me getting through this move with less than a dozen new bruises. But I'll cross my fingers anyway, and hope that all goes well! If you want our new address send me a note and I'll update you. I figured posting our mailing address on the internet was not the best of ideas. Go me for thinking ahead. I think that deserves a cupcake.


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