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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The other red meat...

As you know we are HUGE fans of Borough Market (as demonstrated in this post). We made our weekly pilgrimage to my happy place to meet a few friends and grab some grub. Brian got there before I did and had already formulated a dinner plan by the time I got there (as well as housed a to-die-for cheese sandwich). What was on this weekends dinner menu? Ostrich steaks.


You read it right.

Turns out - YUM is right! We cooked that bad boy up tonight on the grill (in our GARDEN!!! Yes, still super excited about the garden) - along with a rack of lamb (have I died and gone to heaven?). We cooked the Ostrich steak the same way you would a regular beef steak, and it tasted pretty much the same as regular red meat! Its healthier than regular red meat as well...this could become a staple bbq item this summer!

I managed to pitch in a little today - I baked some chocolate chip cookies for dessert...still having major issues getting my cookies to look right (hmm I guess it WASNT our old oven then...). So after the first batch of regular CCC, I stuck the rest in a pan an made blondies. What a dee-liscious end to the weekend!


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