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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vacation Wrap Up

Hi there! So, posting regular updates during our vacation didn't really pan out as well as I hoped. We had sporadic access to internet and when we did it was usually so slow it made checking email a painful process. I wasn't even about to attempt to post anything to the blog, in fear of making the computers blow up. But, now that we are back - let the posting begin!

We had an AMAZING time in Ireland and in Slovenia and we have TONS of stories (and pictures - 1000 pictures to be exact!) to share with you. I'm going to try and post everything as quickly as I can because I am so excited to tell everyone about it, but there is a lot so it might take a while.

I have decided to post everything in sort of daily recaps - it makes it easier for me to recap each day, and easier for you to only too at 100 pics at a time, instead of all 1000 all at once! Ill be starting with recaps from Ireland, moving on to Slovenia and finally ending with Venice.

Until I can get the recaps and photos ready to post - here is a quick recap of everything we did on vacation (including a few New York and London related updates!) :

- Drove\flew in 4 countries in less than 14 hours (Ireland - England - Italy - Slovenia...our flight schedule was a bit nuts)
- Visited the Cliffs of Moher with some kids from Po-town (we love visitors!)
- Got a new job (a real job this time!!)
- Climbed a 10,000 ft mountain (and lived to tell about it)
- Bought a wedding dress (don't worry I didn't find it in Slovenia) and booked a wedding venue (finally!)
- Went from the highest peaks to the deepest caves in Slovenia (2 of them to be exact)
- Signed a lease on an apt that we had only seen in pictures on the internet (thankfully its amazing!)
- Marveled at waters so blue and clear we swore they were taken from the Caribbean and put into the Julian Alps (too bad it wasn't as warm!)
- Got lost in the streets and canals of Venice (on purpose, and with gelato in hand!)
- Realised that no matter how fun vacation always feels great to come home (looking at all the laundry we have to do does not feel as great)


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