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Monday, September 21, 2009

Bled - Day 1

Hi all

We left Ljubljana fairly early this morning and made our way to Bled. We didn't realize how close it was and made it here in less than an hour. We spent the morning discussing our Triglav trip details with the tour company and finding a room for the next three nights. We are going to use Bled as a base for the Bled area and neighboring Lake Bohinj.

We rowed out to the little island in Lake Bled, which houses a small church and restaurant. The weather has been great - warm and sunny, though today was a bit hazy. We walked around the whole lake (6 km) and even trekked up to the castle that over looks this picturesque town. We are staying in a pension and have an apt to ourselves, which will make a great base over the next few days.

If the weather is nice tomorrow we are going to head over to Lake Bohinj and do a medium hike there. Wed will be a rest day since we need to prepare for our big hike! Pray for nice weather on Thurs and Fri!

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  1. I like how you say "we rowed", as if you did anything :)

    love you!