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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fortnum and Mason

One reason I love having visitors (beside the obvious that is), is because they usually have a laundry list of places that they want to see\visit. The usual suspects are always there - Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, etc etc. But every once and a while theres something on that list that I haven't been to yet. When Dan and Ayaka were in town, that place was Fortnum and Mason.

Ayaka showed me a japanese tour book of London that she had brought and told me she wanted to go to a shop she had read about, and pointed to the famous\iconic department store. Leaving the men to go visit a war museum (or something of that boring nature), us ladies took off to find one of the greatest department stores in London.

Next to Harrods, Fortnum and Mason is a must-see for all things lovely and British. Their tea selection is outstanding, amazing china (that I would most certainly break if left alone in that department for longer than 30 seconds) and an adorable way-too-expensive childrens department.

And it was there that I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely little thing. Its name is Toffeecino, and I think I'm in love.

and yes, that is a baby ice cream cone that you see on the right hand side. *swoon*

Oh - and I tried on this cool hat. I think im destined to become a chef. Some day.


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