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Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 52 - week 3

Happy Friday!!

Is it just me or do Fridays get better every week? Ok, maybe not the actual day, but the feeling that in 8 - 4 - 2 hours you are FREEEEE from work for the next two days? Anyone? Maybe it was just a rough week.

I am super glad that it is Friday today since I spent the last 4 days traveling for work. Three flights, two cities, two countries and approximately 9405823940 hours spent driving in a car in four days - man I am glad to be home.

Ok - sorry, back to the topic at hand.

This weeks Project 52 assignment was "Shades of grey". The big guy above couldn't have given me a more appropriate topic - I do live in London and it is the middle of January don't forget - pretty much the very definition of shades of grey.

However, because my life is not that easy this was actually kind of a hard one. Mostly because, as mentioned above, I have been out of town for most of the week in Istanbul and Cairo...where the sun actually likes to shine. What about last Sunday and today you ask? Sun, both times. In London. When my assignment is Shades of grey...oh the irony.

Anyway, this weeks photo was taken with my iphone (see a recurring theme here?) while on a factory visit. Initially I just took it for work and planned on sharing it with my team, but when I realized that the assignment is due today and I don't have any other photos...this seemed to fit the bill.

yes my friends, that there is a big pile of grey jeans

And because today was extra cold in London here are a couple photos from my trip - nice once, not ones of dodgy factories

Sunrise in Istanbul, taken from my hotel
Sunrise in Cairo, taken from my balcony
Cargo ship on the Suez Canal - looks like its sailing on sand!


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