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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 52 - week 2

Hey all!

As promised here is this weeks Project 52 assignment! The theme for Week 2 was "Illustrate a Song"

These Boots are Made for Walkin'

I actually shot the original photo on Sunday, after a long walk in the country with my friend Jess. It was my first walk in the English countryside, which is pretty much a national pastime.  I'm a little ashamed it took me over two years to have that first walk, but I do live in the city after all (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!). Anywayyyy....

I took the first photo of my dirty wellies when we were done with our walk in the muddy fields. I didn't have my camera with me (worst mistake EVER when going for a walk in the country) so I took it with my iphone. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to so I made a mental note to reshoot the boots when I got home.

One problem.

By the time I got home that afternoon it was pitch black outside (ie - 5:00pm). And since that afternoon I haven't had one.single.chance to shoot the boots outside in the sun (and yes that means my crusty boots have been sitting in the corner this whole time).  Gotta love winters in London where average daylight is approximately two hours each day (give or take depending on how cloudy it is that day). Since the due date for this assignment its Friday, I took matters into my own hands this morning before work and did a quick photo shoot inside.

Not ideal, but it would have to do.

Here are a few more photos from our lovely walk (again, taken with my iphone, please be kind)


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