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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Ceasars visit London

Hello everyone!
This posting is def overdo - my apologies!
Last week we had our first visitors of 2009! Chris and Jeanne came to visit for a few days last week, and we had such a great time during their visit! I'm going to break up their visit into a couple of posts, so its a bit easier to read.

Chris and Jeanne arrived around lunch time last Monday. After settling into our apartment and grabbing a quick lunch, we met up with Brian at Bank station for an introduction to London. We walked from Bank station (just north of London bridge) along the north side of the Thames to Tower Bridge. We actually decided to go in and take the tour of Tower Bridge while we were there. A little touristy, but well worth the few pounds entrance fee to explore the inside of the bridge. It was such a gorgeous day, how could you not enjoy the view?? Once we crossed the bridge we walked west along the south side of the Thames, all the way to the London Eye and then back across the bridge to Big Ben. We hit a pub or two along the way, and had a great time showing Chris and Jeanne around! Its such a nice walk - I highly suggest it to anyone visiting London!

When we passed by the London Eye, we noticed that there was pretty much zero line. That is a rarity and decided to take advantage! We bought our tickets and were high above London in no time! The entire trip takes 45 mins, one rotation around the eye. You get in a big pod with a bunch of other people and enjoy the sites from various heights. By the time we boarded the eye it was night time, but the views were still incredible, since it was a clear and mostly cloud free evening.

London and Cambridge

After walking all afternoon we took them to our favorite neighborhood pub and bar for some food and drinks. It was an early night though (well, for some of us) - we had to get up bright and early for our trip to Cambridge the next day!


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