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Friday, February 27, 2009


Last Tuesday we took a day trip with our visitors to Cambridge. What an easy trip. We took a train from Kings Cross Station (literally right down the road) straight into Cambridge, and the train ride was only about 1 hour long. We had decent weather - a little bit of drizzle here and there, but overall not too bad.

We had a couple of ideas of what we wanted to do and see, but without a strict agenda we stuck with wandering around for most of the day. We wandered around most of the college campuses, some of the buildings are truly breath taking! Like Oxford, Cambridge University is comprised of a collection of colleges, each specializing in a field or specific study. I had visited Cambridge while I studied in Newcastle during high school, so many of the sites were familiar to me. We went into the cathedral at Kings College, which is probably one of the most recognizable sites in Cambridge.

We had lunch at a pub called The Eagle, super traditional really old english pub that was recommended to us by a friend. The food was great, just what we needed to carry on the rest of our site seeing. In the back of The Eagle, there is a room called The Flying Room. The ceiling is graffitied by flight boys from the World Wars - they used lipstick and matches to make their mark on the ceiling of the room. Even after the pub was refurbished, the owners decided to keep the ceiling and maintain a piece of history, and to remember the soldiers that did so much for their countries.

We wanted to do some punting down the canal, a must-do if you are ever in Cambridge, but the current was too strong that day so the punting companies were only allowing guided tours. We settled into our seats and enjoyed a nice ride down the canal.

Overall Cambridge is a really nice, cute little town. Easily manageable to cover in an afternoon, a good high street with lots of shops and restaurants, and lots of sites to see. See the previous post for a link to all of the pictures taken in Cambridge.

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  1. it would have been hysterical to see brian trying to punt down the river! and by the way i sooo want that freakin gazebo/ wishing well/ whatever at my huge mansion i have in my dreams!!!