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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Settling In

For some strange reason I had the idea in my head that once we moved to Houston our lives would calm down a little. We would suddenly have time to catch up on our sleep and reduce the amount of stress we have been feeling for the last few months.


HA! Ha! HA!

I think thats a trick my mind played on itself so that it didn't go insane.

So...what have I been up to? Besides test driving nearly every SUV available in the US market (honestly - someone just PICK A CAR FOR ME! I never want to see a car dealership ever again) the majority of my time has been taken up by...

That's right! We closed on our house earlier this week and couldn't be more excited. And scared. More like, 99% excited 1% scared.

Or maybe 75% excited and 25% scared.

It's definitely at least 60% excited 40% scared.

Its changes, day to day. 

Again, for some reason my silly mind thought that once we closed on the house we would be able to relax - that was the stressful part, right??


Oh silly that brain of mine. 

The ink was barely dry on the papers when we started calling roofers and painters and making multiple trips to Home Depot. What's the rush? Ohhh a little thing called a BABY. We need to get as much of the big "fix-it" items completed before it's time for us to move in 100%. With the days flying by faster than I can shake my fist at them that meant that we needed to get to work pronto.

So now my days are spent arranging deliveries, scheduling appointments, picking out paint colors, coordinating our shipments from the UK (I can't wait to get all of our stuff!! I miss my pots and pans - sad, isn't it?) and picking out more paint colors.

One of these days, hopefully very soon, I will be able to go to all of those wonderful farmers markets and explore Houston beyond the Home Depot and all the major car dealerships. Hopefully that time comes before the baby does...

But that could be just another silly trick my brain is playing on me.

Thanks for your patience while I try to get my life in order - I promise to try and update the blog as regularly as I can! Besides...I have spotted a few cupcake bakeries around town and have a feeling I will be taste testing them in the very near future!


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