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Monday, February 27, 2012

We made it!


Sorry, I had to. It's only fitting now that we are living in Texas, right?

The good news is - we made it!! It was a long and stressful process - moving day was less than stellar and the bronchitis that I have been fighting for the last month didn't make it any easier. BUT! We are here now and everything has been going well (in the last 48 hours that is). We are all set up in our temporary housing and are anxiously waiting to close on the house we put an offer on the last time we were in Houston. Only a few more things on our To-Do list (OK that's a lie, there are definitely more than a few) and we will be all settled in!

The first item on our agenda once we got to Houston (and got a good nights sleep)? BREAKFAST! We were in desperate need of a good, solid American style breakfast. I'm talking french toast, waffles, American style breakfast sausage, bottomless filter coffee - the works. We did a quick google search and all reviews pointed us in the direction of The Breakfast Klub in the Fourth Ward. The reviews warned of long lines so we high tailed it there as soon as we were conscious on Sunday morning. We managed to get there right before the rush, and in no time had hot coffee in our hands and these plates of deliciousness in front of us - 

We were more than satisfied with our Texas French Toast and Pecan Waffles - it was basically heaven on a plate (or, three plates if you want to get technical). The Breakfast Kulb is also known for their Wings and Waffles and Catfish and Grits breakfast plates - which we will surely be back to sample soon!

By the time we managed to roll our full bellies out of there the line was wrapped around the front of the restaurant! It was well worth the hustle to get down here nice and early.

I'm looking forward to discovering a whole new type of cooking down here in Texas. The first place I am going to start is with the markets. Houston has a wide variety of weekly farmers markets that I am anxious to take part in. I can't wait to see what kind of season goodies they have to offer here - I bet it's a world of difference compared to what is offered at the London farmers markets in February!

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  1. AMAZING!!! What a way to start your new life in Texas!!! Jess