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Friday, March 04, 2011

Lemon Curd Cake

This week, I made a cake.

This cake to be exact...

curtesy of Martha

Actually, the picture that I have in my Baking Handbook has THREE layers of lemon curd. Ohhh yeahhh. Three.Layers.

Whats the occasion? A coworker of mine is leaving and its her last week - I thought we should have a little cake to wish her luck in the future.

And I had a jar of lemon curd in the fridge that I was dying to use on something other than toast.

So, I made the cake.

Don't mind the dirty dishes in the back...

Bake two 9" cakes made with lemon zest and sour cream to give it some *zing!*

Each cake is cut in half and then filled with three luscious layers of lemon curd.

And then, I made a really whacky whipped frosting - it involves eggs whites, white sugar and butter.  I dont think I have ever made frosting without powdered sugar! And right before I added the butter to the whipped sugar and eggs whites, I nearly thought I invented Fluff.

But then I remembered that Fluff was already invented, which is why I knew the name.

Invention fail.


Lemon Curd Cake success!


  1. I'm on the next plane to try a bite... ;-) yummy yummy

  2. Ok, I'm gonna come move in with you so you can bake me these yummy goodies all the time. =p