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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Culinary Adventures of Brian and Tracy

If you know us at all...even just a tiny bit...even if you only met us once, for 5 seconds in a random crowded bar - you know we like food. Like is probably an understatement. Love is more like it. Obsessed maybe? Lets go back to love, I dont want to creep you out.

We love food so much that it is one of our favorite hobbies. Cooking it,
eating it, staring at it...yes please I'll take three. Brian is kick ass on the BBQ (at one point we had 3 of them in our back garden) and makes a killer breakfast. Im a bake-aholic. If the recipe calls for sugar, my name is written all over it.

And now - a visual tour of our creations...

(From the top - mini muffins,super gigantic smoked pork chop/mexican grilled corn, our beloved beer can chicken, raspberry peach crumble, and last but not least cherry smoked chicken. nom.nom.nom.)

And that my friends...was just the month of July.


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