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Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry to leave you hangin like that - I didnt want to say anything about our trip until we had the flights booked (Im superstitious like that) and that took a little longer than I thought.
But now - the tickets are booked and my bags are practically packed (and yes I am aware that we arent leaving for another 2 months)

So...where are we off to for our extra two weeks of vacation this year?

We are going to fly into Verona and spend a few days exploring the Dolomites. You know Brian and his mountains (as seen here, here anndd here). Since we are going in the middle of October, there is a good chance that there will be snow at the peaks already, so we are expecting to only do some low level hiking. The scenery is supposed to be amazing -

After spending some time in the mountains - we are off to Tuscany!

The exact route hasn't been finalized yet, but were hoping to cut through Emilia Romagna (hello Bologna), stop for a couple days in Florence (EEEEEE!!!!!!) and end up in Pisa where we will catch our return flight to London.

Reasons why I am excited to go to Italy:
2. Except for the couple days that we spent in Venice last year, this will be our first full vacation in Italy.
3. It will be the first time in SEVEN YEARS that I have been in Florence. Shameful I know. SEVEN YEARS! old does that make me then?
4. Wine.
5. Pasta.
6. Bread.
7. Its truffle season
8. Wine.

Ok, I think you get the picture. Im excited.


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