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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tower Bridge

Sunday ended up being a pretty nice day, so we opened the blinds and decided to stop being lazy. We decided to take a walk to see Tower Bridge, since neither of us had been there before.

link to pictures -

We took the tube to London Bridge and walked along the south side of the Thames river over to Tower Bridge. It was such a nice walk, there is a nice boardwalk along the river with shops and restaurants, i can only imagine how nice it is in the summer! once we made it to Tower Bridge we walked a little further past it and then turned around to cross over the bridge. its pretty impressive im not going to lie. its definitely a 'must see' when visiting london.

after crossing the bridge we continued to walk along the river on the north side. Right next to Tower bridge ont he north side is the Tower of London. We didnt get a chance to go inside, but it looked really cool...history buffs would love it. At that point our 2 hours of sunlight were up for the day, the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up, so we headed back home.

all in all a great little sunday adventure :)


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