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Monday, April 30, 2012

What I've been up to...and a cookie for you!

When we moved to Houston I was adamant that I wasn't going to let this blog fall by the wayside. I was going to have tons to write about - right?? A new city, new restaurants, a new house to cook in...the opportunities were endless! And then reality set it. As I settled in to my third trimester I saw my energy diminish by the day. Each day brought more boxes that needed to be unpacked, new fires that needed to be put out and another day without anything exciting to write about. If you have been keeping up with the mini traveling cupcake you will know that I am still alive (and still unpacking) and now that I feel like I have my head (slightly) above water I hope to make a more regular appearance here. So thanks for sticking with me all this time. That is, until this baby is born and then I will probably be on another hiatus :) Sorry folks, that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Speaking of cookies!!!

I made you some!

In one of the (many) boxes that I unpacked over the last month, I was super excited to find my new copy of the Joy the Baker Cookbook. If you don't already read this amazing blog I highly suggest you make it a part of your daily rotation. Since she's the second most popular food blogger out there though there's a good chance you already know who I'm talking about. I first found Joys blog a few years ago and she is a huge inspiration to me. She cooks and bakes just about anything - from bread to cookies to cakes - you  name it, she's baked it. She also bakes gluton free and vegan goodies just because she wants to. To me it takes a lot of courage to use a ton of ingredients you aren't used to (almond flour, what? coconut oil, who?) and her creative recipes never cease to inspire me. I am also a huge fan of her podcasts - Joy the Baker Podcast with Tracy of Shutterbean and We're About to be Friends

But this post is about her cookbook. And these awesome cookies.

When I found her cookbook stashed away in the 495083409 Tupperware bin that I had unpacked that day I was pumped. I called it a day and proceeded to read the entire cookbook in one sitting. I had pre-ordered the book months ago and couldn't wait to dive in. This cookbook has it all. Want some pancakes? Pick your poison. Coffee bacon? Comin' right up. Cakes - cookies - frosting?? Done, done and done. The cookbook gives some of Joys great tips and is written in the same style as her blog - ie friendly, warm and funny. Basically like talking to your BFF while mixing up some amazing treats.

The first recipe I decided to make was these Trail Mix Cookies. These are pretty similar to what some people call Kitchen Sink cookies because they have, well, everything but the kitchen sink in them! M&Ms, peanuts, peanut butter chips, raisins, oats - you name it, it's in there! The recipe made a huge batch, I got three dozen out of mine, so I had plenty to stash in the freezer for when the baby is here and I don't have time to brush my teeth let alone bake cookies. And since these guys are made with whole wheat flour, oats and raisins they are practically health food! Sure to keep us going through those long days and nights.

Since I followed Joy's recipe to the letter (I usually do the first time around) I don't want to publish it here. You're just going to have to go out and buy her book yourself - I promise you won't regret it!

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