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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photo project - Childrens Photography part 4

During much of November and December I was a busy bee building my Children's photography portfolio. Our friends were kind enough to let me invade their home one afternoon and take some pictures of their two beautiful kids, Mia and Luke. The family had recently returned from a trip back to the US so everyone was a little jet-lagged - or so they claimed! The kids were running around playing like crazy, only towards the end did Luke show signs of fatigue (by laughing uncontrollably - I hope my kids are like that when they are tired).

We jammed out on the keyboard and guitar and sang some song. We played with puzzles and blocks. Then mom and dad got involved and staged a full fledge tickle attack! 

And at the very end we were able to get some sweet photos of these two cuties...though they couldn't sit still for long! I think I needed a longer nap than they did once we were finished :)

Just want to give a big THANK YOU to Mia and Luke (and their mom and dad!) for letting me hang out with them and take their picture - you guys are great!


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