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Monday, July 26, 2010

*Ahem* Hello...hello?


Hello...? Is anyone...out there...?

I know its been nearly 8 long months since my last post - its been a busy year with a new job, our wedding in NYC and a handful of trips here and there around the continent. The bad news is - the wedding is over. It was amazing and perfect and everything we could have asked for. But now its over *tear*. The good news is - now I have my life back! As much as I enjoyed every minute of planning our Manhattan wedding, a small part of
me is excited to focus on the other great things in life - reading a book, rediscovering my love of baking (no more wedding diet!) and exploring our home away from home.

Even though wedding planning was our main focus from Jan - June (ha, ok lets be honest, it was MY main focus), we managed to get in a few great trips and have some awesome experiences here in London as well. I have all that and more to share with you guys! So expect some heavy posting over the next few weeks while I get you up to speed on our first half of 2010. Once you're all caught up I promise not to bug you as much,
and regular posting will resume.

I will be putting up a full post about Brians last trip to Mont Blanc (he just got back 5 days ago!) with all the details, but I had to give you the link to his photos now. The pictures are SO amazing - some of them don't even look real. Amazingly enough, these photos were taken with our Cybershot and not our awesome dSLR that we received as a wedding gift. Go point and shoot!

So, grab a drink and a snack and get settled in to his pictures of Mont Blanc - by the time you are finished I will probably have published the next post :)


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